Posted 19th October 2021

Secretaries Meeting Dates:

  • Tuesday 9th November
  • Tuesday 14th December
  • Tuesday 15th February
  • Tuesday 22nd March
  • Tuesday 26th April
  • Tuesday 10th May

As previously stated, there is no actual requirement to attend provided the pennies have been paid and reconciled with Emily De Fraine (Treasurer).

All Cup Draws will be witnessed by members of the committee.  

Posted 10th October 2021

Please be aware that as Bourne End Social Club has decided to no longer open on a Monday, so their venue for crib matches has had to change. With immediate effect they will be playing at the Hedsor Club.

However, the start time will be between 8.15pm-8.30pm as there are other arrangements with the room sometimes. If in doubt on the start time please contact their Team Secretary, Belinda.

Posted 20th September 2021

As communicated to all teams, we now have a 12th team in the league, so welcome Britwell Ex-Servicemen’s Club. Their Team Secretary is Gary Hill. Contact details will be sent to Team Secretaries.

Fresh fixtures list is now on the site and will be sent on email.

Well done to everyone for keeping things together during a difficult period.

Posted 13th September 2021

The Fixtures are now published on the relevant page for the coming season. 2 weeks to go……

Posted 30th August 2021

The Maidenhead & District Cribbage AGM will be held on Monday 6th Sept at the New Inn at 8pm.

There is no requirements for Team Secretaries to attend, but you are also welcome.

The principle points of discussion will be:

1             Election of Offices:


Chairman:           Tim Rutland

Treasurer:           Emily De Fraine

President:            Greg Holden

Proposed new position of Fixtures Secretary: Dave Ewan.

2             Treasurers report

3             Season format

We seemed to have failed to acquire the 12th team that would have made fixtures and Cups easier to organise – in particular the latter – Cup format to be confirmed.

4             Assessment of proposed changes to the Constitution including start times, food provision, removal of runners up medals etc

5             AOB                    

We will be looking to start the league now officially on 27th September 2021 with fixtures list emailed and they will be on the website by the 13th September.

We will send out a summary report of the AGM to each of you.

Posted 19th November 2020

Due to the continued COVID restrictions, resumption of the Crib League was not possible in October and it is not anticipated that this will change until 2021. The committee will review in January 2021to see if there is any prospect of competition at all, either in an abbreviated league form or cup competitions. In the meantime, keep safe and healthy everyone.

  • Posted 20th September 2020
  • The 2020 /2021 season will start on 12th October 2020, subject to any further changes to conditions.
  • Matches to start at 8pm rather than 8.30pm, particularly in the light that teams may be short of a players occasionally in the current environment (this will be slightly amended to attempt an 8.15pm start for the Bird in Hand on their away games). This will assist with any player shortages / quarantining etc to finish earlier. This amendment will be incorporated into the constitution.
  • Home Teams will need to provide the following conditions:
    • Hand Sanitiser must be on all tables
    • Tables must provide a 1m distance between players
    • There may be alternative venues for certain teams in the interim to cater for the space requirement – see the website / fixture emails (to come) for venue confirmations.
    • All venues must adhere fully to the Government Covid measures.
    • Masks shall be worn at all times if possible during the playing of the matches, subject to players hearing the counting
    • Home teams that are moving tables may retain their pegs through each of the four games, should they wish.
    • No food will be provided until further notice
    • Bus stops can still be done to cover additional costs that venues incur such as sanitizer.
  • The league season will consist of all league and cup games being completed first, with tournaments (Singles, Pairs, Presidents, Play to Lose)potentially being arranged at the end of the season, when circumstances of such gatherings maybe more amenable to everyone.   

Posted July 2020 – Unfortunately due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, the 2019-2020 Cribbage League season has had to be abandoned. However, we are hopeful that things will be restarted in September 2020 for the coming season.

More news to follow.

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