Maidenhead & District Cribbage League

Welcome to the official site for the Maidenhead & District Cribbage League.

About the site:

News – all announcements and notices are published here.

Fixtures – the full list of the season’s fixtures and dates, including Cup and Tournament weeks including venues.

Results – weekly results will be published here in chronological reverse order. The press deadline for the Maidenhead Advertiser is Tuesday midday so all results should be in and published by then.

League Table – a dynamically generated table based on the latest results received. We aim to receive all results by the end of Monday night ready for the newspaper’s press deadline during Tuesday.

Teams – information about all the teams in the league and their addresses.

Constitution – the current rules and constitution for the M&DCL

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Want to know more about Cribbage? Take a look at the [ Wikipedia ] entry

You’d like to get involved? Teams in the league need to be 8 or more people and have a suitable venue for 4 simultaneous matches throughout a Monday evening from September/October through until June/July (exact dates depends on the number of teams). League registration takes place in July each year.