Here are the fixtures for the 2021-2022 season:

27/09/2021 :    League Week 1 
Bird in HandvNorth Star
Britwell Ex Servicemens ClubvCraufurd Crusaders
Craufurd BuccaneersvArk Angels
Desborough BCvIvy Leaf B
Ivy Leaf AvHedsor Bar
New InnvBourne End SC
04/10/2021 :    League Week 2 
Ark AngelsvBritwell Ex Servicemens Club
Bird in HandvIvy Leaf B
Bourne End SCvDesborough BC
Craufurd CrusadersvNorth Star
Hedsor BarvNew Inn
Ivy Leaf AvCrauford Buccaneers
11/10/2021 :    League Week 3 
Bird In HandvCraufurd Crusaders
Britwell Ex Servicemens ClubvIvy Leaf A
Craufurd BuccaneersvNew Inn
Desborough BCvHedsor Bar
Ivy Leaf BvBourne End SC
North StarvArk Angels
18/10/2021 :    League Week 4 
Bird in HandvArk Angels
Bourne End SCvHedsor Bar
Craufurd CrusadersvIvy Leaf A
Desborough BCP-PBritwell Ex Servicemens Club
Ivy Leaf BvCraufurd Buccaneers
North StarvNew Inn
25/10/2021 :    League Week 5 
Ark AngelsvCraufurd Crusaders
Bourne End SCvBird in Hand
Craufurd BuccaneersvDesborough BC
Hedsor BarvIvy Leaf B
Ivy Leaf AvNorth Star
New InnvBritwell Ex Servicemens Club
01/11/21 : Cup Qualifying Round
Ark Angels v Bird in Hand
Craufurd Crusaders v North Star
Ivy Leaf B v Britwell ex-Servicemen’s Club
New Inn v Craufurd Buccaneers
Bourne End CC v Bye
Desborough BC v Bye
Hedsor Bar v Bye
Ivy Leaf A v Bye
08/11/2021 :    League Week 6 
Britwell Ex Servicemens ClubvIvy Leaf B
Craufurd BuccaneersvBourne End CC
Desborough BCvNorth Star
HedsorvBird in Hand
Ivy Leaf AvArk Angels
New InnvCraufurd Crusaders

9/11/2021: Secretaries Meeting – Pennies, Richard Pither Cup Quarter Final Draw

15/11/2021 :    League Week 7 
Ark AngelsvNew Inn
Bird in HandvIvy Leaf A
Bourne End SCvBritwell Ex Servicemens Club
Craufurd CrusadersvDesborough BC
Hedsor BarvCraufurd Buccaneers
Ivy Leaf BvNorth Star
22/11/2021 :    League Week 8 
Britwell Ex Servicemens ClubvHedsor Bar
Craufurd BuccaneersvBird in Hand
Desborough BCvArk Angels
Ivy Leaf BvCraufurd Crusaders
New InnvIvy Leaf A
North StarvBourne End SC
29/11/2021 :    League Week 9 
Ark AngelsvIvy Leaf B
Bird in HandvNew Inn
Bourne End SCvCraufurd Crusaders
Craufurd BuccaneersvBritwell Ex Servicemens Club
Hedsor BarvNorth Star
Ivy Leaf AvDesborough BC
06/12/2021 :    League Week 10 
Bourne EndvArk Angels
Britwell Ex Servicemens ClubvBird in Hand
Craufurd CrusadersvHedsor Bar
Desborough BCvNew Inn
Ivy Leaf BvIvy Leaf A
North StarvCraufurd Buccaneers

13/12/2021 : Team Cups – Richard Pither Qtr Finals
Bourne End SC v Hedsor Bar
Desborough BC v Craufurd Buccaneers
Ivy Leaf A v Ivy Leaf B
North Star v Ark Angels

14/12/2021: Secretaries Meeting – Pennies, Team Cups – Team Trophy Quarter Finals / Richard Pither Semi Finals Draws, Singles Competition Entries; Pairs Competition Entries

20/12/2021 :    League, Week 11 
Bird in HandvDesborough BC
Britwell Ex Servicemens ClubvNorth Star
Craufurd BuccaneersvCraufurd Crusaders
Hedsor BarvArk Angels
Ivy Leaf AvBourne End SC
New InnvIvy Leaf B
10/01/2022 :    League, Week 12 
Ark AngelsvCraufurd Buccaneers
Bourne End SCvNew Inn
Craufurd CrusadersvBritwell Ex Servicemens Club
Hedsor BarvIvy Leaf A
Ivy Leaf BvDesborough BC
North StarvBird in Hand
17/01/2022 :   Singles Competition – Ivy Leaf (to Semi Finals)
24/01/2022 :    League, Week 13 
Britwell Ex Servicemens ClubvArk Angels
Craufurd BuccaneersvIvy Leaf A
Desborough BCvBourne End SC
Ivy Leaf BvBird in Hand
New InnvHedsor Bar
North StarvCraufurd Crusaders
31/01/2022 :    League, Week 14 
Ark AngelsvNorth Star
Bourne End SCvIvy Leaf B
Craufurd CrusadersvBird in Hand
Hedsor BarvDesborough BC
Ivy Leaf AvBritwell Ex Servicemens Club
New InnvCraufurd Buccaneers
07/02/2022 :   Team Cups – Team Trophy Quarter Finals /
Richard Pither Semi Finals
14/02/2022 :   Pairs Competition – Ivy Leaf (to Semi Finals)

15/02/2021: Secretaries Meeting – Pennies, Team Trophy Semi Final Draw

21/02/2022 :    League, Week 15 
Bird in HandvBourne End SC
Britwell Ex Servicemens ClubvNew Inn
Craufurd CrusadersvArk Angels
Desborough BCvCraufurd Buccaneers
Ivy Leaf BvHedsor Bar
North StarvIvy Leaf A
28/02/2022 :    League, Week 16 
Ark AngelsvBird in Hand
Britwell Ex Servicemens ClubvDesborough BC
Craufurd BuccaneersvIvy Leaf B
Hedsor BarvBourne End SC
Ivy Leaf AvCraufurd Crusaders
New InnvNorth Star
07/03/2022 :    League, Week 17 
Ark AngelsvIvy Leaf A
Bird in HandvHedsor Bar
Bourne End SCvCraufurd Buccaneers
Craufurd CrusadersvNew Inn
Ivy Leaf BvBritwell Ex Servicemens Club
North StarvDesborough BC
14/013/2022 : Team Trophy Semi Finals
Ark Angels v Ivy Leaf B
New Inn v Bourne End SC
14/03/2022 : League, Weeks 2 & 4 catch up
Ivy Leaf A v Craufurd Buccaneers
Desborough BC v Britwell ex-Servicemen’s Club
21/03/2022 :    League, Week 18 
Britwell Ex Servicemens ClubvBourne End SC
Craufurd BuccaneersvHedsor Bar
Desborough BCvCraufurd Crusaders
Ivy Leaf AvBird in Hand
New InnvArk Angels
North StarvIvy Leaf B

22/03/2021: Secretaries Meeting – Pennies, Team Trophy Semi Final Draw, Presidents Competition Entries

28/03/2022 :    League, Week 19 
Ark AngelsvDesborough BC
Bird in HandvCrauford Buccaneers
Bourne End SCvNorth Star
Craufurd CrusadersvIvy Leaf B
Hedsor BarvBritwell Ex Servicemens Club
Ivy Leaf AvNew Inn
04/04/2022 :    Presidents Cup – Venue TBC
11/04/2022 :    League, Week 20 
Britwell Ex Servicemens ClubvCraufurd Buccaneers
Craufurd CrusadersvBourne End SC
Desborough BCvIvy Leaf A
Ivy Leaf BvArk Angels
New InnvBird in Hand
North StarvHedsor Bar
25/04/2022 :    League, Week 21 
Ark AngelsvBourne End SC
Bird in HandvBritwell Ex Servicemens Club
Craufurd BuccaneersvNorth Star
Hedsor BarvCraufurd Crusaders
Ivy Leaf AvIvy Leaf B
New InnvDesborough BC

26/04/2021: Secretaries Meeting – Pennies, Play To Lose Entries

09/05/2022 :    League, Week 22 
Ark AngelsvHedsor Bar
Bourne End SCvIvy Leaf A
Craufurd CrusadersvCraufurd Buccaneers
Desborough AvBird in Hand
Ivy Leaf BvNew Inn
North StarvBritwell Ex Servicemens Club

10/05/2021: Secretaries Meeting – Pennies

16/05/2022 :    Play To Lose Tournament – Desborough BC
23/05/2022 :   Cup Finals – Richard Pither & Team Trophy
Venues TBC
07/0602022 :    Competitions Finals Night – Desborough BC
Competition venues maybe subject to change.