Results for the 2020-2021 season will appear here.

18/10/2021 :    League Week 4   
Bird in Hand6v10Ark Angels
Bourne End SC7v9Hedsor Bar
Craufurd Crusaders8v8Ivy Leaf A
Desborough BC0PP0Britwell Ex Servicemens Club
Ivy Leaf B7v9Craufurd Buccaneers
North Star8v8New Inn
11/10/2021 :    League Week 3   
Bird In Hand9v7Craufurd Crusaders
Britwell Ex Servicemens Club8v8Ivy Leaf A
Craufurd Buccaneers7v9New Inn
Desborough BC7v9Hedsor Bar
Ivy Leaf B8v8Bourne End SC
North Star8v8Ark Angels
04/10/2021 :    League Week 2   
Ark Angels10v6Britwell Ex Servicemens Club
Bird in Hand7v9Ivy Leaf B
Bourne End SC5v11Desborough BC
Craufurd Crusaders6v10North Star
Hedsor Bar7v9New Inn
Ivy Leaf A0v0Crauford Buccaneers
27/09/2021 :    League Week 1   
Bird in Hand8v8North Star
Britwell Ex Servicemens Club5v11Craufurd Crusaders
Craufurd Buccaneers6v10Ark Angels
Desborough BC7v9Ivy Leaf B
Ivy Leaf A7v9Hedsor Bar
New Inn10v6Bourne End SC

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