Rules and Constitution – August 2017 Edition

CHANGES ADOPTED AT THE 2017 AGM (Underlined within the text)

Rule 2.17: Clarify that games can start earlier by mutual agreement and change the latest start time to 8.30pm

Rule 3.9: Promote the Richard Pither cup to the top half of the team knockout competition


1.1         The organisation is to be known as the ‘Maidenhead and District Cribbage League’ and shall have the power to incorporate any team within the circulation area of the ‘Maidenhead Advertiser’.

1.2         The object of the League will be to aid the’Friends of St. Marks Hospital’ Maidenhead through the collection of Pennies during matches held under the auspices of the League. The charitable beneficiary of the League may be changed by vote at the AGM preceding that season or in exceptional circumstances (such as the beneficiary becoming defunct) by an EGM during the season. Proposals to vote on the League beneficiary must be notified in advance to the committee (rule 1.10 applies)

1.3         The League will be governed by a committee consisting of officers to be elected at the Annual General Meeting as follows:-

  • Non-Executive Officers: President
  • Executive Officers: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Match Secretary, Treasurer and as many ordinary Committee members as deemed necessary

1.4         The power of the Committee shall extend to all matters arising from the conduct of the League, even if not specifically dealt with in these rules.

1.5         The Committee shall have the power to delegate any or all its powers to a sub-committee elected from the team delegates.

1.6         The League Meeting shall be held at the dates given, when every team MUST be represented to pay Pennies. Any team not represented to pay Pennies will be fined.

1.7         The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than September each year when the following business will be transacted:-

  • Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting
  • Matters arising from the Minutes
  • Adoption of reports and balance sheets
  • Election of Officers
  • Proposed changes to the rules
  • Any Other Business

All the teams MUST be represented at the A.G.M. where each TEAM will be allowed ONE vote only.

1.8         At the A.G.M. or at an Extraordinary General Meeting, a TWO-THIRDS majority of the representatives present shall have the power to exclude any from the membership of the League if it is felt that exclusion is advisable or desirable.

1.9         Provided that all teams are represented at a League Meeting, an E.G.M. may be convened after the expiration of one hour following the passing of a resolution to that effect. If all teams are not present then such meeting may only be convened after the expiration of 48 hours, during which time any absentees must be notified accordingly.

1.10      These rules may be added to at meetings but can only be rescinded at the A.G.M or an E.G.M. The Secretary should be notified of such proposals at least THREE days before the next meeting to be included in the agenda.

1.11      All team secretaries must be registered with the League to enable easier communications.

1.12      Teams can not vote at an A.G.M. if registration has not been paid.


2.1         Each team will play home and away matches with each team in the division at fixtures to be arranged by the Match Secretary. Match night will be Monday with the exception that if a match is postponed, this can be played on another night agreed between the Captains in order that all matches are played with the minimum delay. Twenty-four (24) hours notices of postponement of a match must be given except in special circumstances to be decided by the Committee. In the event of a match not being played the home team shall contact the Match Secretary within forty-eight (48) hours stating the reasons. Failure to do so will be treated as a missing result. The teams concerned shall rearrange the match to be played at the earliest convenient date with recourse to the Match Secretary if this proves impossible.

2.2         The League shall be organised into one or more divisions. When there are multiple divisions each shall have between 6 and 12 teams. New teams will enter the lower division. Allocation to divisions will depend upon standing at the end of the previous season. If there are 16 or less teams registered the Winter League will be operated as a single division.

2.3         Team matches shall be consisted of EIGHT players per team playing in pairs to give a total of 16 games in all. It a team turns up with SIX or SEVEN players the Captain shall split pairs to make 16 games. The Captain of a team with SIX or SEVEN players may incorporate additional players from any source to get to EIGHT players (except at cup matches).

If a team fails to turn up without giving 24 hours notice (RULE 2.1) or turns up with less than SIX players the game will be forfeited and recorded as follows:-

  • Non-offending team gain 3 points and a 12-4 win
  • Offending team gain 0 points and a 4-12 loss

The offending team will be liable to pay the cost of any catering arranged by the non-offending team. There is no liability for Pennies for either team. Teams may appeal in exceptional circumstances. All league matches must be completed on or before the night of the team trophy final unless previously agreed with the Match Secretary.

2.4         Winter League (and all other games unless specifically overruled)

2.4.1         Each Winter League game shall be over  121 holes.

2.4.2         The first deal will be decided by the non-scoring players cutting the cards, lowest card winning, ace counts lowest with 10 and picture cards equal. Where both players draw equally valued cards the cut is repeated.

2.4.3         The player who won the cut then deals the first hand. The dealer always has a box and scoring is done on a cribbage board using two pegs per team, the rearmost peg being moved on each occasion.

2.4.4         Scoring is done in strict order of play. The direction of pegging will be away from the cards at the start of the game. Once the pegs have been moved and the scorer has let go of the peg, that turn will be deemed complete and any claim for unscored points will not be upheld.

2.4.5         In the ever of over-pegging the opponents have the right to demand correction and this will be permitted.

2.4.6         Two points for a JACK turn-up will be allowed even if it wins the game.

2.5     Summer League

2.5.1         Team Size: 4 people. Teams may choose to have more than 4 people present and rotate them in and out of play and may have a pool of more than 4 players to draw upon. Teams may loan in players from other sources, even from the opposing team if they players are available and both captains agree.

2.5.2         When a team has less than 4 people available: Teams are strongly urged to ensure they will have 4 players or rearrange a fixture. If a fixture goes ahead with less than 4 players the following applies:-

  • Only 1 or 2 available: the game is forfeit and considered a 15-5 win for the opposition. The forfeiting team (if Away) bear any costs associated with food (if applicable).
  • 3 available (and the other team has 4): the four singles games where a player is absent are automatically conceded to the opposition. The pairs games can take place providing that a total of four pairs games are played and no two pairs meet each other more than once
  • If both teams only have 3: 9 singles games and 4 pairs games are to be played. Pairs may only meet each other once. The match will be around 13 games instead of 20.

2.5.3         Format: Six rounds. In the first four rounds every player plays one singles game against each member of the opposing team. For the final two rounds both teams form into two pairs and each pair plays both opposing pairs. This makes a total of 20 games (4 x 4 singles plus 2 x 2 doubles) in a match.

2.5.4         Game rules: Pairs play as standard for the winter league. Singles play will be the deal 5, discard 2, 61 hole, 3 point start for non-dealer, play to 31 once per hand version of play.

2.5.5         Scoring: Three points for a win, one point for a draw

2.5.6         Prizes: A cup will awarded to the winning team, to be kept until recalled for the next season. Members of winning and runner up teams will receive individual plaques unless requested otherwise. Any additional plaques over 4 must be paid for. Plaques may be declined with the cost being donated to charity.

2.5.7         Food: At the discretion of the venue. If food is provided a fundraising device, eg a football card, may be circulated to defray the costs as usual.

2.5.8         Registration:  A registration fee of £20 is payable. Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the Match Secretary and automatically attract a £5 surcharge.

2.5.9         Postponed games: Matches not played within two weeks after the final season fixture or before the start of the Winter Season – whichever comes sooner – will be considered void with no points awarded. A date has been set aside for any postponed games though they can be played earlier by mutual arrangement.

2.5.10      Trophy & Playoffs: When the Summer League is operated as two divisions there shall be one trophy with a playoff between the two division champions to determine the ultimate winner. If this playoff results in a tie after a standard match then the captains of each team shall agree which of these four options will be applied:-                        One singles game (as rule 2.5.4), one player from each team                        Three parallel singles games (as rule 2.5.4), three of four players from each team                        Best of three singles (as rule 2.5.4), one player from each team                        Replay the entire fixture at a future date at a different or neutral venue

2.6         In the event of pegs being moved in the wrong direction they must not be corrected and their position will stand.

2.7         If during a game any significant scoring error is detected (eg pegs moved in the wrong direction and/ or in the wrong track) or the board is overturned, the pegs must be repositioned by mutual agreement. In the event of a disagreement, the game must be replayed with the non-offenders taking first box and a TEN point lead.

2.8         During  a game, any argument or dispute should be referred to both Captains for immediate settlement. If it is felt there is room for doubt the Match Secretary shall be informed within 48 hours for further investigation and the game restarted from the beginning.

2.9         Any team wishing to complain about the conduct of the opposition MUST notify the Secretary or Match Secretary within 48 hours of the end of the match.

2.10      The Secretary of the home team will send a text or email to the Match Secretary showing the match result and Pennies. Where a match has been rearranged to an alternative venue the home team for the purposes of this rule is the team who were originally due to play at their home location.

2.11      Each team will contribute 50p per person. Minimum £4 per team for game. Monies are to be collected by the home team from both teams. Where a match has been rearranged to an alternative venue the home team for the purposes of this rule is the team who were originally due to play at their home location.

2.12      The Match Secretary will attempt to arrange for publication of League Tables and other relevant information in the local press or other media.

2.13      Results to be texted or emailed by midday Tuesday or fined.

2.14      Three points for a win and one for a draw will be awarded. In the event of a tie on points at the end of the season, legs difference will decide the championship. If it is still a tie, the teams will play off at a neutral venue. If the playoff is drawn, one extra game will be played to give a result.

2.15      If a team withdraws their record will be deleted from the League Table.

2.16      All registrations for League tournaments will be made at the meeting stated, or as directed by the Committee. All entrances fees must be paid at this time also.

2.17      Starting time for all League and Team Trophy matches will be no later than 8.30pm.  Matches may start earlier by agreement between the team captains. Tournaments will start at 8pm.


3.1         All perpetual trophies will remain the property of the League at all times and are held in trust by the winners for a period of twelve months or until such time as they are requested to be returned for engraving for re-presentation. THEY MUST BE RETURNED IN A CLEAN AND UNDAMAGED CONDITION.

3.2         In the event of a team, person or pair winning the same trophy on three consecutive occasions, they will be presented with a replica of the said trophy as a permanent memento of their achievement.

3.3         The League reserves the right to redefine the use of any perpetual trophy, or to suspend any competition from one season to the next, if it is felt desirable or necessary to do so.

3.4         If a 29 is scored in a match being played under the auspices of the League, whether a league fixture, competition game or cup game a personal trophy will be awarded to the player concerned. The Match Secretary must be advised along with the usual reporting of match score and pennies.

3.5         All individual and pairs competition winners and runners-up will receive plaques as mementoes. Runners-up in the Team Trophy or Richard Pither Cup do not receive plaques.  A team can opt to forgo their plaques by giving adequate notice to the Secretary. Any team requiring additional plaques will be expected to pay for them when they are ordered.

3.6         Trophies and plaques will be presented at the end of season Presentation Evening for the winter season. Summer season trophies will be presented at a league meeting following the end of the season

3.7         The League reserves the right to amend the exact format of each competition from one season to the next, depending on the number of entrants, time and available venues, and spread the duration of any completion from one evening to another.

3.8         DIVISIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS – Open to all members of the League provided that registration fees have been paid.

3.9        RICHARD PITHER CUP & TEAM TROPHY  – A team knockout competition open to all member teams. Normal rules apply but in the event of a draw two or six members (to be decided between both team captains) from each team who have played in the match will play a further game to decide the winners. Teams that fail to qualify for the RICHARD PITHER CUP will have an opportunity to play for the TEAM TROPHY in a parallel knockout competition. Where there are more than 16 teams in total three or more qualifying rounds will be played to reduce the teams in the competition to 16 with the top 8 entering the RICHARD PITHER CUP, the next 8 entering the TEAM TROPHY and the remainder being eliminated from the cup competitions at that point.

3.10      THE PAIRS CUP – Open to the players of member teams who wish to compete. This is a knockout competition, the winners of the best of three games going through to the next round. Normal pairs cribbage rules apply. A fee of £2 per pair will be collected by the team secretary for payment of registration.

3.11      THE SECRETARY’S CUP – Open to team secretaries only. Singles play (as Singles Cup). £1 per person.

3.12      THE SINGLES CUP – Open to any player from member teams. This is a knockout competition based on the rules of single cribbage (61 holes/5 card deal/loser of first cut gets 3 points/play once up to 31 per hand), the winner of the best of three games goes through to the next round. A fee of £1 per person will be collected by the team secretary for payment on registration.

3.13      THE PRESIDENT’S (TONY BLAY MEMORIAL) SHIELD – In all respects identical to The Pairs Cup

3.14      THE ALF WOOLFORD CUP – Open to any player from member teams. This is a pairs competition with each pair playing a pairs game followed by two singles games making three games in all. One point will be awarded for each win and the pair with the higher number of points will go through to the next round. A fee of £2 per pair will be collected by the team secretary for payment of registration.

3.15      PLAY TO LOSE CUP – Open to any player from member teams. This is a pairs competition where each pair plays to lose, 61 holes per game. Up to three games are played each round with the team that loses two games going forwards. A fee of £2 per pair will be collected by the team secretary for payment of registration. The number of registrations per team may be restricted to suit the venue chosen and time available.

3.16      ‘CUP-TIED’ rules apply to Team Trophy and all tournaments.


4.1         Registration fees, subject to annual review, are payable as follows. Winter league season: £30 payment entitles all registered teams to participate in the Divisional Championship and the Team Trophy. Payment will confer full membership of the League on participating teams. Late registration may be permitted at the Match Secretary’s discretion and will incur a £10 penalty in addition to the £30 registration fee. Summer League registration is £20 with late registration at the Match Secretary’s discretion and a £5 penalty.

4.2         All registration fees will be non-returnable.

4.3         Team delegates will pay the accumulated donations to the Treasurer at each meeting.

4.4         The League shall not be liable for any expenditure incurrent by any person(s) on behalf of the League unless authorised by the League Committee or during a League Meeting.

4.5         Penalties and fines will be imposed as follows:-

4.5.1    Failure of any team to pay Pennies at a League Meeting without prior notification to the Treasurer or Secretary

  • First time: £5
  • Second time: £7 and 3 points deducted
  • Third and subsequent: £10 and 6 points deducted

4.5.2    Failure to comply with RULE 2.12 (sending results/Pennies) in any one season

  • First time: £5
  • Second time: £7 and 3 points deducted
  • Third and subsequent: £10 and 6 points deducted

4.5.3    Late return of trophies will incur a £5 fine per trophy.